2024 Eclipse

The next total solar eclipse to cross America will occur on April 8, 2024.

To view it, you must situate yourself within the narrow path of the moon’s shadow, which will cross the country from Texas to Maine. Cities within this zone include Dallas, Indianapolis, Cleveland, and Buffalo.

People elsewhere in the lower 48 states—outside the path of totality—will experience a partial solar eclipse, an interesting but fundamentally different event. Only inside the path, and only during those few minutes when the moon entirely covers the solar surface, is it safe to look at the sun directly. For that brief period, you will see the sun's majestic outer atmosphere, its corona.

"A total eclipse pulls back the curtain that is the daytime sky, exposing what is above our heads but unseen at any other time: the solar system. Suddenly, you perceive our blazing sun as never before, flanked by bright stars and planets." —David Baron, from the prologue to American Eclipse.

For tips on where to view the eclipse, advice on how to do so safely, and maps of the path of totality, please visit the following:


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